how to write an academic essay

The sooner you learn these step-by-step instructions on how to write an academic essay the better. If you learn them in grade school or primary school that is terrific. But certainly by the time you get to high school you need to know these steps intimately. The beauty of these steps are as follows.

  • They have been tested and approved to work a million times over.
  • They are easy to understand and simple to follow.

It may be a good idea to make a note of these instructions on a small piece of paper and keep it with you. When you have a spare moment traveling to school or college or relaxing at lunchtime, you can take out your list of instructions and go over them in your mind. Understand clearly that once you know and understand these instructions you can use them over and over again. Every type of essay you write can be created using these instructions. When you finish your academic life and go into the big wide world of employment, all the things you have learned as far as academic essay writing instructions are concerned can be used again and again throughout your life. Here are those step-by-step instructions.

  • The choice of topic is vitally important.
  • Knowing the requirements and rules of a particular essay are essential.
  • Creating a plan or outline has to be done.
  • Writing a first draft quickly is a great idea.
  • Editing and proofreading is a skill in itself.

Choose A Topic Of Interest

It's easy to create an academic essay but you don't want any old piece of writing. You want one which seriously impresses your teacher or professor. You give yourself a great chance of doing just that if you choose a topic which suits you. If you choose a topic in which you already have a background or a passion or a body of knowledge, you give yourself a huge boost. It's so much easier to become enthusiastic about your writing when you love the topic. Looking for college essay writing service? Hire an expert from a professional essay writing service.

Now in some cases you will be required to follow a certain format in the presentation of your essay. Do you know about this? Ignorance is no excuse. If you have to make reference to the writing of other people’s work in your essay and there is a specific way to cite these references, then you must know this and you must do this. There is a reason for having a particular format and unless you follow the rules you will suffer a penalty.

Do not ever attempt to write an academic essay without first creating an outline. This is simple to do. The structure is basic. But it's what goes inside the structure that is the content of your outline, which will determine the quality of your academic essay and the ease you will have in writing it. Again there are lots of references to plans or outlines for essay writing which you can find in articles and blogs and videos online. Study them. Learn how to write a cracking outline. Learn how to fill it with appropriate concise information.

Create The First Draft

If you have created a wonderful outline, you are then in a position to write your first draft as quickly as possible. This is important. Forget about the spelling and grammar and the juxtaposition of different words and simply write. You're looking at your outline as you do so to keep you on track. But by writing freely and quickly you are capturing your passion and the essence of your thinking.

But then comes another vitally important aspect of writing an academic essay and that is proofreading and editing. You have just been told to write the first draft as quickly as possible. Now you need to go over that first draft and refine it. You obviously look for mistakes and you also look for ways to improve your writing.