Top 10 Extraordinary Argument Essay Topics For College

When in college, it will be expected that your essay subjects will be higher level. It can be challenging to find a fresh and challenging essay topic when in college. Use the list of ideas below to help you pick a title for your next university paper.

  1. ISIS and the Western World-what is happening and why it is happening with ISIS and the rest of the world
  2. Paying College athletes-should student athletes be paid for their sporting efforts or it the tuition, rom, and board sufficient
  3. Police and the Public-does the United States have a problem with police brutality and the community
  4. Community Service and Should High School Students Be Required to Complete It-should a high school student complete community service before he or she can graduate
  5. Professional Sports and Obligations to the Community-are professional athletes paid too much and should they have community responsibilities due to this high salary
  6. Privacy vs. Protection-what rights does society have to give up in order to be protected from terrorists, how much will this protect us, and is it necessary
  7. Going Green or Not-is it helping to go green, what does it mean to go green, and should their be requirements for all people to go green
  8. Lowering the Drinking Age in the United States-should the age for drinking be lowered and why should it be lowered (in the United States), if it is lowered- what age would be a good age and why
  9. Should Remedial Classes be Offered at the University-should low level classes really be offered at post high school education settings, and if so or if not, tell why
  10. Should Pot Be legalized-why if it should, should it be just for medical reasons, or should it never be allowed

With all of these interesting and trending topics, you want to make sure that you have credible support. You can use valid databases and get support from magazines, periodicals, journals, and such. The types of support are varied. You could use charts, stories, data, statistics, or quotes among other things. Remember, an argumentative paper must be based on more than just emotions or passion in order to be effective. You should find out if your teacher wants you to use APA or MLA style formatting and then cite these sources you use.

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