Abortion is a premature ending of a pregnancy. It is usually carried out by removing an embryo or fetus from a pregnant woman’s womb. There are various reasons for which abortion has been conducted in the past. However, most of them have just been for pleasure and evading responsibility. Well, abortion has also been conducted for health reasons especially when the health of the pregnant mother is at danger. These two scenarios have led to what is commonly known as pro-life and pro-choice debates about abortion. The proponents of pro-life support abortion in cases where the life is threatened. Pro-choice supporters look at other factors of sustenance and the like. Well, abortion has continued to be a very debatable subject and it is unlikely to end any time soon because many nations are still debating over it.

Despite the contention that revolves around abortion, it has still continued to happen even in our society today. Abortions can take place spontaneously and is such situation, it is called a miscarriage. If not, it is known as an induced abortion whether for pro-life or pro-choice reasons. In many countries all over the world, abortion is an illegal offense punishable by the law. It has sparked a heated debate across the world where the tussle has been on the innocent life that is being brought to end. At least two types of abortion exist in the United States – through abortion pill and the in-clinic abortion. The abortion statistics are very alarming in the United States and it does it seem to end any time soon.

So, what actually is the bone of contention between the opposing sides about the abortion subject? There circumstances under which abortion is conducted are both justifiable. It depends on the perception held. There have been genuine reasons raised especially on how the unborn was conceived. For cases of rape and teenage pregnancies, the pro-choice proponents would advise the procurement of an abortion due to issues of lack of love and support. Those for abortion in such situations believe that it is better to get an abortion early in advance than waiting for the child to suffer once born due to lack of sufficient provision.

Over the years, abortion has lived with us and so many people across the world are doing it for different reasons. Individuals, authorities, human rights organizations and the victims seem to be divided about the topic. All the same, it is important to listen to both sides before the issue is resolved in a given case.

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