Are American Doctors Overpaid?

Doctors are one of the highly paid professionals in the whole world. America’s doctors are the best-paid doctors in the world. Comparing to the rest of the world and especially the countries abroad, doctors in America can be said to be getting a real fortune. It is also good to note that medical practitioners in America are not paid in the same manner. There are different classes and doctors also get paid for performance. This is a policy that is not present in many countries. Anyway, despite all these, doctors in America are believed to earn a lot more than any other professionals in America. The gap between what other professionals earn and what doctors make is astonishingly large. This has led to a call by the US President Barrack Obama calling for some action on the doctors pay. He has proposed to cut wasteful spending and has dubbed it as cutting the fat. This will see a reduction in what some doctors earn. Despite all these hype about doctors earning much, I think it is fair and that what they earn is worth. Below are the primary reasons why i believe that they should be making what they earn.

Why I think the Doctor’s pay in America is justified

The first thing is that medical care is a very crucial service for any country. Having a healthy country is a significant boost to the economic growth of any country. America being a superpower has got a great duty to make sure that they offer best health care for its citizens and to help other countries if need be. This leaves the doctors in a situation that demands them to work harder. To be sincere this alone warrants them the amount of pay they get. Doctors in America also spend a lot of money and time on education. Unlike in other countries, doctor students have to attain a bachelor’s degree first. They then have to cater for their fee which is very expensive. This makes them feel that they feel that the professional should also be remunerated equally well. The risks that doctors undergo while on the line of duty are another reason I think they should be paid handsomely.

Health standards in America

The health standard in America is very high. To maintain the same standard, the providers have to be rewarded well. This will make them devoted to their work and improve further the standards.

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