Writing a Сommercial Analysis Essay: Some General Advice

Commercials play a huge role nowadays in the television programming. Seldom can you watch the whole favorite movie or TV show without being interrupted by this kind of advertisement. The glamorous objects are used by the producers to appeal to the consumers, and persuade to buy something. Although any commercial lasts in general for only thirty seconds, so much is somehow revealed in it. No wonder the analysis of commercials appears to be a frequent task in modern schools. If you want to write a good commercial analysis essay, the following information may be useful for you:

  1. Watch the commercial and analyze it.

    Give answers to the questions: Who is the target audience? (teenagers, women, the people who can’t manage money, elderly people, men, etc.) What is being advertised? How is it advertised? What is said in the commercial? How is it said? Compare this commercial with another one, advertising the similar product.

  2. Investigate the commercial thoroughly.

    Pay attention to the following issues: What is the content? How is the commercial organized in terms of its genre and style? Give an assessment to cinematography: camerawork, lighting, sound, the choice of actors, costumes, text, animation, special effects, etc. Check if some new techniques or media have been used. Estimate the popularity of the commercial. Do you consider it to be amusing? Is the advertised product popular in the market? Evaluate everything you might consider as important and attention-grabbing; in the commercial analysis no limits can be set. Remember that every part of the commercial has some purpose in view, and try to outline these purposes.

  3. Make a draft or outline of everything you discovered.
  4. Write the introduction.

    Introduce the product being advertised. Give the general description of the product. Make a guess of its market share. Describe and summarize the commercial. Conclude your introduction with a thesis statement. Your thesis may differ, depending on the objectives of your paper. For instance, you might analyze the commercial due to the methods of conveying the message (cinematography, acting, words, etc.) Or you might compare it with something similar (commercials with the similar style, or advertising the similar product.) Or you might discuss its strengths and weaknesses.

  5. Write the body paragraphs and the conclusion.

    Support your thesis in the body of your essay. Use all the information you have gathered earlier. Rely on the facts and your personal assessment. Make sure that you have thoroughly developed the topic, and that all corresponding previously drafted ideas have been discussed.

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