Simple Advice On How To Compose An Impressive Synthesis Essay

Do not assume you will spend your school days writing narrative essays. Learning through composition means you will be exposed to various writing styles. A synthesis essay is one. This is a paper which will draw from several sources, you will have to show the relationships between them. This is not a doctoral dissertation, nor something that is highly technical. You should just follow some simple rules and you will create a work that is impressive to read.

  • Sources Are More Important Than Opinion. Your thesis is defined by your sources and not the other way around. This is going to require you are doing some in-depth research.
  • Be Logical As You Progress. This is an exercise which is founded in reason. You have to rely on logic to demonstrate the value of your opinion. All must connect to the thesis.
  • Transitions Have To Be Smooth. You cannot abruptly point to another in a good synthesis essay. There has to be a flow and a sequence to what you are doing. Good transition sentences will help you do that.
  • Each Point Has To Be Completely Examined. You ought to have solid evidence and sources to back up your position. This information has been integrated throughout the sentences and repetition ought to be avoided.
  • Be Careful About Sentences and Words. You should not write in passive voice and you want to work hard for clarity in this essay. The right words are important and make use of a thesaurus if you must.
  • Keep In Mind Basic Mechanics. This means proofreading and editing work. Your first draft should never be the final one submitted because there can be grammatical mistakes and misspellings. Moreover, your arguments may not be clearly defined and need a little bit of polishing. This is going require a little extra time but it is worth it. You want to deliver your very best for the final grade.
  • Double Check on Your Directions. It can happen that a person writes an amazing composition but has not followed instructions. This is not only embarrassing but guarantees a lower grade.

Do not underestimate the learning battle of this particular assignment. We are in an economy now requiring more intelligence based work. This includes the ability to synthesize many points into one thesis. Consider this exercise in developing those skills. You will discover that they come in hand as you progress forward in your career.

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