Free Paper Examples: Get An Idea How To Write A Compare And Contrast Essay

Compare and/or contrast essays are the commonest types of essays you are going to write as a student. This does not mean that each time you are asked a comparison or contrast question it will be obviously stated! Sometimes the direction to compare (find similarities or grade similarities) or contrast (find differences) might be implicit in the topic question. For example: Explain the events of the two world wars and describe how they occurred in the given conditions of the world?

To write a successful compare and/or contrast essay:

  1. Know the objects of your investigation.
  2. Make note of what category, class, and subclass they fall into, why you are asked to compare or contrast them, and then delve deeper to understand whatever information is available about them. This is the lengthiest, yet most rewarding part of your essay writing experience. That not only you get a better insight into the ideas, persons, events, or pieces of literature you are comparing or contrasting, you also develop a keen analytical mind in the process. Make lists of all the attributes of each of the candidates you are comparing/contrasting.

  3. Make a Venn diagram:
  4. Once you have your lists ready, make a Venn diagram (two overlapping circles). The rest is easy. Fill in the common attributes in the overlapping sections of the circles and the contrasting ones in the independent ones. Considering that you have spent some time digging out the facts and features of the two persons, events, or ideas, you must be in possession of quite a list of similar and dissimilar features.

  5. The next step is to decide what needs to be part of the essay.
  6. You might have to take out irrelevant data to make your essay precise Grade the attributes by relevance to the topic, the class, and your course. Include what is the central or most basic feature of the two things you are comparing. Finally do not forget to include all that is interesting, shocking, or intriguing!

Your comparison and contrast essay can be fairly easily composed if you find some good instructions and advice, and organize your research and outline clearly and systematically. By all means, ask for help when you need it. Your friends and classmates can be your support in this endeavor. If things get too tough, instead of panicking try getting professional writing help online or otherwise!

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