Corporational And Political Sociopaths

Sociopathy is wide spectrum of personality types that centers on self-importance, a mentality to manipulate others and a consistent habit of diverting blame when their self-centered actions cause harm to others. The Sociopathy profile clearly indicates that corporate society and politicians are more likely to be sociopaths than the general population. A corporation’s sole purpose is to make profit, this is incorporated in most state laws. The corporation is structured so as to shield those who manages it for liability from it actions, in that, it removes liability for criminal acts from it owners. Similarly, the lack of guilt, interpersonal dominance and fearless, which are common traits for sociopaths, are characters that are possessed by most high-powered politicians and executive today. We can therefore affirm that most corporations and politicians are sociopaths.

In the recent years, corporations have really collided with governments of most developed nations like the United States of America to set up law and regulations that protects them from taking responsibility for the harm they do the society. Billions of dollars is spent every year for political contributions and lobbing. Politicians find good reasons to vote for or support the self- centered dealings of their corporate benefactors. The big question that we can ask ourselves is if corporations respect moral and social norms. The obvious answer is No. In most cases, corporation do whatever it takes to make huge profits, and payment of fines is often considered by them as just the cost of doing business. It is very true that corporations does not have conscience and never admits to any wrong deeds whatsoever, even in the event that they are found guilty by a court of law.

Similarly, most of our present politicians are sociopaths. It is very common for most politicians to be driven by outsized ego. Most governments are being ruled by wrong kind of people in that, a type of moral deficiency has become so prevalent in the society to the extent that it has infiltrated into major government institutions. This is because a class of certain people who are evidently sociopaths are now in control of these institutions.

In conclusion, it is evident that the present world is being ruled by corporate and political sociopaths who pretend to care about the interest of the general public but in the real sense only look after their selfish interest.

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