Useful Hints On How To Write A Profile Essay In A Proper Way

Just to let you know, you have to adumbrate a person’s characteristics, bearings and achievements in a profile essay. While writing it, you need to connect with the entity on a personal level. Here are the keys to writing a good profile essay:

  • Understanding the person
  • The first crucial step is to get a profound understanding about the subject under study. You must read wholly about him; from his biographies and interviews to sketches. These are genuine references towards extracting his essence.

  • Preparing for the interview
  • You should prepare a questionnaire on the precept of your preliminary investigation. Concentrate on the five Ws – Why, What, Who, Where and When. These questions should be specific to the person’s attributes, yet be open-ended to ensure that they do not become too restrictive and prejudicial.

  • The actual process
  • You need to conduct the interview in an amicable environment. It is preferable to strike a rapport; this way you will eke out more from his lumber room. Your inquiries should delve not only on the essentials but on tertiary factors as well. There is nothing better than acquiring a tape of your conversations for future under-cuttings.

  • Structuring the Essay
  • Your essay should start with an overview of the person; just an outline of his greater mettle. You may generate reader’s curiosity by introducing quotes and crucial incidents/attributes. You should keep speckling the body with crucial junctures and fascinating facts. This keeps the river flowing under the bridge.

  • Sound construction
  • The inter-weaving of observations and factual incidents will help create a well-constructed and thoughtful story. The conclusion is usually the most critical part since the reader is now left to ponder on with these ending thoughts. You may either choose to end reflectively or nonchalantly.

  • Review and Revision
  • The first draft of your essay should not be encumbered by limitations. Let the mercury flow and capture all the critical elements of the person’s life. Once the first draft is structured and created, it is time for you to revise the essay thoroughly. The unnecessary elements should be factored out so that what remains is concrete and moving.

  • Read it aloud
  • It is often a good practice to read it out loud and ask for reviews from others. This will help you to understand the effects of the words on an impartial observer and ensure that all elements of bias are removed. Grace it with final touches are you are good to go.

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