Instructions For Creating A Strong Visual Analysis Essay

This kind of homework does not have a specific structure, but should follow the rules of any good writing. It needs to interest the reader and show the views that you are exploring supported by sources and evidence. Most papers of this kind are short, but you still need to create an introduction, a few paragraphs on the topic, and a conclusion just like most other papers.

  1. Introduction: this could be just a sentence or two that provides a little context for the rest of your writing. You should talk about your attitude toward the artwork you are studying, and your response to it. It’s also appropriate to begin with a statement to grab the reader’s attention at the beginning.
  2. Visual analysis paragraphs: these next few sections usually will include your description of the art, interpreting its meaning or intentions, and your evaluation or response. In other words, the notes you have about the visual media you are analyzing, and how you feel about it. You can organize this however you like, and arranging it in different ways can make for a very different essay, so keep in mind how you want the reader to relate to this piece by reading your work.
  3. Conclusion: this is easy to write because it is only a sentence or two summarizing what you have just said. Simply rephrase your response from the above paragraphs here.

Tips on visual analysis writing

The main reason for writing this kind of homework is to convince the reader that your interpretation of this artwork is worth hearing and considering. Everyone’s opinion is valid, and you are writing this to show off what yours is. When you do this, surround the opinions with evidence towards your argument, and include a clear expression of what you think and feel involving this artwork. Drawing these observations together and reflecting on them is what makes these papers fun to read and write.

If you think about telling a friend about an awesome movie, how would you describe the scenes of the film to make them interested? It’s similar with this, only you are recommending your opinion of a piece of art rather than a movie. If you adopt a friendly tone and explain things as if you are telling it to someone you know, it will make the writing of this assignment easier.

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