Writing A Strong Call Of The Wild Critical Analysis Essay

Call of the Wild is a ‘return to roots’ kind of brilliant book penned by Jack London in 1903. It has an amazing takeaway; if we listen to our instincts and inner self; we will automatically tilt towards primitiveness, which knows no jealously, no double standards.

Slope and scope

The book offers great scopes for critical analysis essays. Perhaps the best route for your essay is to test the mercurial gradient of the story. First of all, it is hard to judge whether the story has a happy or a sad ending. Buck the Dog starts as a well-off Judge’ pet living in a comfortable home and ends the book as a leader of wolves in a jungle. In this sense, the ending appears negative.

The positive take

However, from a different perspective, it appears that Buck transforms from a submissive owned dog into a free vibrant wolf. This carries the germ of evolutionary instinct, as influenced by Darwin.

The human element

Your critical analysis should also assess the human nature to look at its own advantage even at the cost of others. Hal, Charles and Mercedes are vocal exponents of the greedy and inhumane kind. However, the genial Jack Thornton is also driven to use Buck for his advantage, even if reluctantly.

The essay route

The book throws critical junctures which leave an impression on the formative brain of Buck the dog. First, the oppressive death of Collie reminds him that it won’t do to be helpless. Then the murder of Spitz suggests him that the world is for the ‘survival of fittest’. Also, the insubordination that Buck shows against Hal illustrates for the first time how an animal rebels against the human system. That is the moment Buck becomes free and the seed within him is germinated towards the call of the wild. The essay thus has several streams to course.

Different standpoints

The book essays certain major standpoints. It is perhaps better to live within your own world to survive and thrive; which is a call that Buck takes. Kindness leaves its own mark, which is why Buck keeps coming even as a Ghost Dog to mourn his master. Too much comfort inhibits your sharpness and acuity, which is evident as a wolf like Buck is shown as a largely timid dog in the opening sequence.

A masterpiece of thought

The scene where Hal, Charles and Mercedes fall into the melting ice is a masterpiece of visualization. It suggests that humans have reached an edge and are walking on thin ice with their cruelty and jealousy. The critical analysis of the essay should be the unwoven interconnection between man and dog and how a weak entity can become strong with will power and by listening to his instincts.

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