The Reasons For The Japanese Expansion In East Asia Between 1868-1945.

The expansion of Japan into other countries in East Asia like China, North Korea, South Korea, Vietnam, etc. was deemed necessary by the Japanese empire. Japan saw themselves as the superior country throughout East Asia and that other East Asian countries were inferior to them. Japan began their reign of terror to expand its empire, power, and influence on East Asia in 1868 during the reign of Emperor Mutsuhito. The expansion of Japan into other countries in East Asia was ended after World War II during the reign of Emperor Hirohito.

There are many major reasons why Japan wanted to dominate all of East Asia. One major reason why Japan wanted to expand their empire into East Asia was because they felt that their culture and beliefs were superior to other Asian countries like China, Korea, and Vietnam. Also, Japan wanted to be recognized as a great empire like the great empires of Europe. Japan wanted to be on the scale as Great European Empires like Germany, Austria-Hungary, and England. Another major factor why Japan wanted to expand their influence and power into East Asia is because they wanted to take advantage of the raw materials offered in East Asian countries like China and Korea. The raw materials that Japan was in great need of was rubber, coal, petroleum, and oil. Another major reason why Japan decided to expand their power and empire into East Asia is that they saw other Asians as inferior to them and should be ruled by a powerful nation like Japan.

During the period from 1868 to 1945, Japan was exposed to the cultural traditions and practices of great European powers like England and Germany. With great influence and assistance from European powers like Germany, Japan was able to begin their task of expanding their power over other Asian countries like China, Korea, and Vietnam. But in 1945, Japan was forced to give up great portions of their emperor after surrendering to the US after WWII. Japan reign of terror over East Asia ended in 1945 during WWII when the US bombed great parts of Japan with the atomic bomb.

Japan had to learn the hard way, like many Great Empires throughout history, that when a country tries to expand their power over large territories that it is a disaster in the making. Japan also failed to realize that there are many great and powerful nations that will ensure that smaller countries can be protected from dominance by greater nations like Japan. Japan’s expansion into East Asia had to come to an end at some point. Throughout history, many great empires have lost their power and influence when trying to expand their power too far.

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