Invasion Of Privacy With Social Networks

The use of Social Networks steadily is on the rise. Millions of people regularly use popular websites such as, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It has been found that at least 47% of Americans use at least one of these websites, mainly Facebook. Social networking has its pros and it has its fair share of cons as well. One of the many arguments about social media is the topic of privacy. Some people hate the lack of privacy that the have with their social media account. They feel like the government is way too involved. Others could not care less. The monitoring of social networks is not completely unwarranted. There are many reasons why it is beneficial.

Many people consider the monitoring of social media as an invasion of privacy because the government has complete access over their social media account. But, in reality, it is for a good reason. For one reason being that criminals get caught and arrested all the time because of their posts on Facebook and tweets on twitter. People have posted about crimes they got away with, along with crimes that they are planning to commit. This gives law enforcement the chance to stop a crime before it occurs. And they can apprehend a criminal that thinks he or she has escaped the law. If someone were to threaten to shoot at a school and post it online beforehand, the police can intervene before the tragedy happens. That fact alone should be enough to get someone to lighten up about the apparent invasion of privacy.

This privacy invasion can also come in handy for employers and Universities. This is only alarming to people who have something to hide. Jobs and schools can check to see if their students or potential employees are on the up and up.

Laws are made for a reason and although some of them can be argued and disagreed with, they are meant to protect society. Social media is no exception. If you are doing the right thing online then there should not be an issue. If there is something you do not want the government or law enforcement to see, if it is something so private, then why are you even posting it on social media? If it is such a huge problem, then it probably should not even be posted in the first place.

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