Slavery Questions

Slavery has played an important role in the economic development of many civilizations on earth throughout history and though it is not a morally acceptable practice, many great nations today owe their beginnings to slavery.

  • Reason for slavery
  • There are times when the government of a particular nation, or simply an individual in possession of a great deal of power, like a King, wishes to accomplish a task that far exceeds their present labor capabilities. Often the cheapest and most efficient way of fulfilling this need for labor is to enslave the people of a more primitive society.

    Many cultures around the world have also been known to own slaves acquired through warfare simply because they are in control of them and through whatever belief system they possess, consider them as subhuman.

  • Life as a slave
  • Slaves may have experienced the worse conditions of any humans in our history and some of the acts committed against slaves are truly inhuman. Simply being transported to their destinations, as was the case with African slaves in the West Indies, the likely hood that a slave would survive the journey was low.

    With no one to speak for their rights, if they had any at all, wicked slave owners have mutilated, raped and even killed many of the slaves under their control. Many slaves have also been hanged for crimes they did not commit.

    Aside from bad treatment, slaves had to endure poor meals and unhealthy living conditions, which brought about many diseases, leaving many slaves to die horrible, painful deaths.

  • Former slaves
  • Today, in the 21st century, the act of slavery is not acceptable and most nations outlaw this practice. Though, it is evident that the descendants of former slaves still find themselves at the receiving end of discrimination, the world is gradually moving towards a more equitable societal structure.

    There have also been movements where these descendants have tried to acquire compensation from their former slaves masters, claiming that these nations owe their current wealth to the labor of their ancestors. These attempts at retribution have been unsuccessful so far.

  • The future of slavery
  • It is unlikely that humanity will ever return to that grim stage of its history since technology is making human labor obsolete. Though, even as it is now, many minimum wage workers claim that they are treated like slaves, since they basically work for their survival and nothing more.

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