Employee And Labor Relations

The attainment of the strategic goals of a firm largely depends on the employees, who are part of the factors of production, and whose responsibility is to put the other factors of production into action. However, the firm’s management has a duty of ensuring that its employees remain motivated and productivity. In this regard, the Employee and Labor Relations (E&LR) sets a good a ground on which the interests of the employees and the demands of the employer are presented. E&LR is a function within the human resource department whose prime responsibility is to conduct investigations concerning matters bothering employees and limiting their productivity. It also counsels and guarantee enhancement of the employee relationships through effective communication. In addition, E&LR is concerned with averting and resolving problems that involve employees and which limit their ability to carry out their tasks. The idea is that E&LR ensures that the environment within which employees carry out their duties is conducive as possible to enhance their productivity and increase the attainment of the stipulated goals of the firm.

E&LR is further responsibility for handling disciplinary matters, for instance, sabotage, insubordination, and harassment and discrimination of other employees based on their gender, position they hold within the firm, race or ethnicity. The other role played by E&LR is ensuring that employees are recognized for the services that they provide to the firm. The idea behind employee recognition is to enhance their level of productivity and motivation, which are crucial for the growth and success of the firm. It is through E&LR that matters of employee professional and competence are discussed and strategies formulated on how the firm will achieve this factor. In other words, owing to the increased level of competition in the market, firms are obliged to establish ways through which they will retain their competitive edge. One of these ways is through improvement of employee competence and professional skills, or training the employees in the various areas they specialize, a factor that is attained through the E&LR.

Moreover, since disputes amid employers and employees are likely, mostly based on employee performance or the reward package adopted by the firm, E&LR enhances the negotiation process between employers and employees. E&LR ensures that there is a platform on which the two parties in a dispute can present their insights and establish a consensus that takes into consideration the demands of the employers and those of employees.

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