Dental Hygiene

Many people are aware that dental hygiene is vital when it comes to prevention of tooth decay, bad breath, and teeth discoloration. However, not many are aware that good dental hygiene is very important when it comes to maintaining good overall health. Research now indicates that some of the illnesses affecting many parts of the body result from poor dental hygiene. Since the mouth has a team of bacteria, over 700 types, individuals have to practice daily oral hygiene in order to keep them under control. Failure to this, these same bacteria will multiply and cause many other diseases. Therefore, good dental hygiene is important when it comes to the maintenance of general health.

A research conducted by Bristol University in 2008 indicated that individuals who suffer from bleeding gums are at a high risk of suffering from a heart disease. Due to poor oral hygiene and the consequent bleeding gums, bacteria can enter into the blood stream, and get stuck to the platelets. This may further cause blood clots, which further affect blood flow into the heart, and finally trigger a heart attack. Another research by Harvard School of Public Health indicated that there was a strong link between gum disease and pancreatic cancer. Periodontitis and gingivitis were the types of gum diseases that were highly linked to this type of cancer. A further research on these findings also seemed to be in agreement with the previous research, with the conclusion that people who have had a gum disease history had increased risks of pancreatic cancer of up to 64%.

A gum disease such as periodontitis has been associated with premature births or even a child’s low birth weight. Further, regular tooth loss is highly linked with osteoporosis, which is simply a condition of weak and brittle bones in an individual. Still, tooth loss for the people under the age of 35 is a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease, while Sjogren’s disease or chronic dry mouth is associated with poor oral hygiene. More so, certain diseases such as diabetes and HIV /AIDS lower an individual’s resistance to other diseases. If an individual suffers from such an illness and is not able to maintain proper dental hygiene, there is a high possibility of them to have poor overall health. Clearly, poor dental hygiene is a lead cause of many other diseases in an individual. It is therefore important that people practice good oral hygiene on a regular basis, which includes brushing teeth twice a day, flossing, intake of a healthy diet, use of good tooth brush, and a regular visit to a dentist.

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