Judicial Independence

One of the biggest problems of countries in the modern world, within state apparatus is that there is no judicial independence, at least not in a great number of (especially poor) countries. Judicial independence is difficult to achieve, since we all live in a manipulative world controlled by the politics, or to be more concrete in this case, the government. It is the problem in privileged society and in their high positions which make them superior among the other „mortals“.

Society needs to understand how important it is to have an independent judiciary, that can apply the law in the name of the state in a correct and dignified way. It most certainly cannot be affected by government and their manipulation and corruption, which is the case among poor countries, for an example my country, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The act of judgement is everything but objective. The government is making pressure and is affecting on the judiciary system, in order to protect one of their members that committed a crime or whatever he is accused of. Judiciary system must be equal to all people, no matter of their gender, race, religion, origin, etc. It is a base for a pure democratic society, but putting that in this context, it may sound like utopia. Judiciary system consists of laws and they are strict, unchangeable (some of them aren't) and cannot be controlled by the hands of government. Judges are the ones that are making decisions about someone's rights and it is extremely important for them to be correct and in terms of law and justice. They should be based on valuable evidences, not on someone's wishes just because that someone is „Someone“ and is sitting on a government chair. It is true that governments pay judges, but they should pay them to serve the law and justice in terms of the whole state, not to serve a few powerful politicians.

To conclude, independence is necessary. Especially in those aspects which are about making people to trust, respect and believe in judicial objectivity. Also, the crime and corruption would decrease, which definitely represent one of the main problems in most countries, especially in the judicial system. The state would get prosperity in terms of economy and social life. It would be a new perspective, new point of view in modern society, and their constant tendency to a pure democratic system.

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