In Search Of An Example Of A 5-Paragraph Synthesis Essay

It has been from one academic paper to the other but this time around, your tutor requires that you write a 5-paragraph synthesis essay. Being the first time you are being asked to write this type of paper, you would surely need examples that would show you the right structure and format to follow. If you are yet to get any examples, here are some helpful tips in getting samples of essays to help you write your paper. They are as follows:

  • Ask Your Tutor: Since it is your tutor that actually assigned the paper to you, there is every possibility that you can get good examples from them. Don’t waste time in asking for help as regards the details of your paper. This way, you will better understand what you are required to write on.
  • Ask Your Friends: It is possible that any of your friends could have written a 5-paragraph synthesis essay and as such, would not hesitate to give you their old work to use as an example in writing your own academic paper.
  • Ask Your Siblings: This works mostly for those who have older siblings. You can find out from them if they have written essays that are related to what your tutor wants you to do. If they don’t have it but have a good idea of what you are asked to do, they can also draft a sample for you to work from.
  • Check The Library: This is another great source when you are searching for examples of synthesis essays. You should mostly search for books or guides on writing essays as they always have examples included in them. Within such books, you will also find helpful tips on what you should avoid when writing academic papers.
  • Search The Internet: Yes, the moment you enter your search phrases into the search engine and click on search, you will be amazed with the several pages with links to various samples. All you need to do is go with the most relevant examples that would help you in writing your paper.

In using the above listed sources, you stand better chances of finding synthesis essay examples that will guide you in writing your 5-paragraph academic paper. However, you should not forget that these papers should only serve as examples and as such, you should not copy their contents. If there are relevant paragraphs that you wish to use, make sure that they are completely rewritten in your own words or phrases.

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