Getting Essay Examples For Free: Tested Techniques From Senior Students

Many students have shown some initiative when it comes to finding great paper examples. Here are some tested techniques on finding essay examples for free. These techniques are used by veteran essay writers in high school and college so they may just work for you too.

Diving into school archives

Your school is likely to have some great examples on file. These can be photocopied and distributed to students who wish to have a template to work from. If your teacher isn’t able to direct you to one, ask your school administrator or the librarian. If your school has a writing centre, you are sure to find lots of examples there.

Forming a writing assignment group

Students work well when they work in small groups. Writing assignments are a regular part of homework and it is very helpful to get together and form some ideas. This also gives you the opportunity to swop previously written papers with each other to use as examples. Just make sure you use high scoring ones.

Getting one as part of a tutoring course

If you sign up with an online tutor, see if you can negotiate a free essay example. Tutors often keep these on file to use as examples, but there’s no reason why you should get a copy of one to keep indefinitely.

Challenge your teacher

Play on the pride of your teacher or professor and ask him or her to write the perfect essay for the class. Make this a challenge and insist that the paper be written in such a way that your teacher would award it an A+. Then have copies made and distribute them to the whole class.

Online forums

You could have access to essays written by international students from esteemed schools. Forums also have members that are tutors and these will often offer you free help and perhaps even direct you to some free examples online. Teachers also frequent these online forums so utilize this service to your advantage and get an example if you can.

These are just some methods used by seniors to get free essay examples. There’s nothing underhanded about any of them so don’t think you need to buy one from a fellow student or search on the internet for flawed examples. Simply try some of these tricks and get writing.

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