Writing A Better Essay – A Quick Way To Enhance Your Skills

Writing skills are not something that is given to people by nature. It’s something that needs development, constant working over and practicing. If you receive writing assignments more often than you would like to, you definitely need to turn them into a delight rather than a trial. Below, you will find several useful recommendations on how to quickly improve your writing.

  • Get rid of useless filler words. There are certain words that often play a role of fillers. Though they can make your speech brighter, abuse can cause an opposite effect.
  • Practice writing every day. Compose short stories about what you have learned, why the day has been good, what would you do if you won a million dollars, what you need to have inspiration, etc.
  • Read as much as you can. If you don’t read, you will not be able to write. Get the inspiration from interesting books and articles. Learn how good authors write their books.
  • Re-read your texts after a significant pause. If you read them through right after you compose them, you will certainly miss a lot of mistakes. If you re-read your text a day after, you will definitely want to correct and replace numerous details.
  • Remove useless stuff. In some books, like the “American Psycho”, paragraphs that are dedicated to detailed descriptions of the main character’s daily routine and wardrobe are a necessary detail and a specific feature of the book. In your essay, you surely don’t need such milk and water.
  • Listen to critical remarks. It’s great if you have a person who reads your texts and criticizes them frankly. Well-grounded critic is a thing that you need for further development as a writer.
  • Throw away complicated “clever” words. Write as you think, clearly and simply. If you want to copy somebody else’s style, there will always be somebody who does it better, for example, the inventor of this style.
  • Use short sentences and short paragraphs. Nobody likes reading long sheets of text with a pile of long sentences and complicated turns of speech. Try writing short sentences and remember about splitting long pieces into paragraphs. A short paragraph is much more reader-friendly than a long one.
  • Learn what you get from the process. If you want to write better to receive good grades for essays only, you are somewhat mistaken. The development of your writing skills will turn you into a much more interesting interlocutor simultaneously and bring you many other benefits.

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