A Basic Manual On Creating A 3-Paragraph Essay Introduction

Conventionally the basic type of essay that we all have been assigned scores of times at school and colleges are the three paragraph essays which comprises of an introduction to the subject, the body discussing the subject and end with a distinct conclusion. They are the easiest and often the shortest essays that you would be assigned in your academic career. The topics for this write-up can be extremely varied and due to its strict 3 paragraph format it can often pose to be tricky to do justice to a topic under this pattern. However, many students who find difficulty in creative writing may feel that this is a very problematic topic to be handled. But by keeping in mind a few basic tips they can excel in the 3 paragraph writing. For every article the introduction has a major importance and the 3-paragraph format is no exception.

Following tips are dedicated to the writing of the introduction alone:

  1. Chalk out the points that you are going to highlight: Depending on the topic of the essay, chalk out the points that you are going to highlight in your writing. Taking into account the word limit, it may not be possible to include all the points so decide on which points you are going to work with first of all.
  2. Your introduction should be precise and an overview of the argument that follows: The introduction should be an overview in short of the points that you are going to cover. Do not digress too much from the main topic. Your language should be compact but not monotonous and boring. Try not to be biased toward any particular school of thought while writing the essay to gain a larger audience of the essay.
  3. The introduction should not be too long: Just because you are providing an overview of the following content of the body, does not mean that the introduction will be as long as the body. The more you will go on about the introduction; the reader is likely to get bored by that.
  4. Add anecdotes and fun elements in the introduction: to make your writing an interesting read, add anecdotes and fun facts in the introduction to enhance the interest of the readers. But this is optional depending on the topic that you have been assigned.

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