Searching For A Good MLA Style Essay Example: Basic Instructions

How write a research paper using the MLA format style?

  • MLA stands for the Modern Language Association writing format style.
  • The MLA style of writing is the standard used for humanities papers and liberal arts papers.
  • This format style will ensure that students are not accused of committing plagiarism and will get proper credit for writing their own essay.
  • The format style ensures that the student or writer properly cites all resources (primary and secondary) used to write the research paper.
  • This format is used throughout schools, colleges, and universities by students when writing their term papers.

Here is the proper format for the MLA style essays?

  • The research paper should be typed and not handwritten on 8.5 by 11 inch paper.
  • The font size and style for the paper should be Times Roman 12 Font.
  • The space between each line should be double spaced and no single spaced.
  • The space between each sentence should not be more than one indent.
  • The margins for the entire page should be one inch around from top to bottom and side to side.
  • The beginning sentence of each paragraph should be indented properly.
  • The pages of the essay should be numbered in the upper right hand corner.
  • Should include footnotes and endnotes appropriately in the term paper.

How the first page of the MLA style essay should be written?

  • Should only have a title page if requested by the teacher or professor.
  • In the left side corner of the paper should include the following:
    1. Student’s Name.
    2. Teacher’s Name.
    3. Class title and class number.
    4. Date paper completed.
  • The title of the research paper should be centered in the top portion of the page.
  • It may be good to have the title in Italic and underlined.
  • The first sentence of the essay should be double spaced from the title.
  • If have subsections throughout the writing assignment, each subheading should be numbered and titled.

How to cite resources in a MLA format style writing assignment?

  • The author’s (writer of the resource) name should be written as follows: last name, first name. For example: Doe, Jane.
  • Then comes the title of the resource. For example: Doe, Jane. “Mary Had A Little Lamb.”
  • Next, where the resource comes. For example: Doe, Jane. “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” Volume Three of Fairy Tales.
  • Finally, comes the publisher and date published. For example: Doe, Jane. “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” Volume Three of Fairy Tales. Fantasy Island Inc., 5 January 2015.

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