Tips On How To Find A Proper Philosophy Of Life Essay Example For Free

What is the true meaning of philosophy of life?

  • It is how one sees life and their attitude toward life from a personal perspective.
  • The study of life is when one studies life’s main purpose.
  • With this course of study, you are taught to think beyond “black and white”.
  • You are taught to see life in colors and not just in “black and white”.
  • With this field of study, you are able to give your perspective on how everyone should be living their life.

Here are a few tips on writing the best philosophy essay:

  • Tip #1: Should know the topic you plan to write about and have a clear understanding of your viewpoint on the topic.
  • Tip#2: Once you have a clear understanding of the subject matter, it is time to form that subject matter into a thesis statement.
  • Tip#3: Once you have the thesis statement, it is time to provide your stance or argument on the thesis.
  • Tip #4: You should have no more than five facts to support your argument in reference to the thesis statement.
  • Tip #5: Need to determine if there is room for disagreement regarding the five supporting facts.
  • Tip#6: Should write out both the positive points and negative points of the supporting facts. Positive points should be in blue ink and negative points can be in red ink.
  • Tip #7: Ensure that you have enough facts and evidence to support your position on the thesis statement.
  • Tip #8: Create an outline of the negative points and positive points regarding the thesis.
  • Tip #9: Use the outline as the guide to writing your philosophy essay.
  • Tip #10: With any essay, the first paragraph should clearly state the thesis.
  • Tip #11: Must ensure that you have clearly written out the five supporting facts.
  • Tip #12: To illustrate your argument, on the thesis, it is always good to include pictures, analogies, graphs, and charts.

Where you can find free philosophy essay samples?

  • One’s teacher or professor may have sample papers for you to use as a reference.
  • The school library may have books filled with different types of writings.
  • Can always ask a classmate for their philosophy essay to use as a guide in writing your own.
  • The internet is a good place to find samples.

Some popular topics to use for a philosophy of life essay:

  • What is the true meaning of religion?
  • What are the similarities between Christianity and Judaism?
  • Do we really have free will as human beings?
  • What does the novel “To Kill A Mockingbird” represent regarding human kind?
  • What is the true meaning of life?

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