Coming Up With Current Argumentative Essay Topics

Coming up with an essay topic is hard. Coming up with an argumentative essay topic is even harder. You’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t know how to come up with an argumentative essay” and you’re not alone. Many students have a hard time coming up with an augmentative essay topic, but after reading my tips on how to come up with a current argumentative essay topics, you won’t be having a hard time coming up with topics of your own.

8 Tips to help you come up with a current argumentative essay topic

  • If you can’t come up with a topic and don’t know where to look, the media is your friend. Newspapers, Magazines, the Internet, and the News all have articles, stories, and current events that can help spark a topic.
  • Make sure you are passionate about your topic. If you’re not passionate, chances are you are not going to put the time and effort needed to make it great.
  • Make sure your topic is current. Don’t talk about Nazis in World War 2. If you really like your topic and it’s a bit dated, find a modern take on it.
  • The topic has two points of views and not one. Remember to point out both views and understand them.
  • Make sure the topic sparks an argument. If your topic doesn’t spark an argument, that topic is not a good topic for you. A good argumentative topic sparks an argument. The topic demands an argument.
  • Are you willing to research this topic? Have you to ask yourself self are you willing to put the time to research your topic? If the answer is no, then that topic is not for you.
  • Make sure your topic has lots of evidence. If you can’t find the information to support your claim, the topic is not the topic for you. Remember your evidence is your ammunition.
  • Keep away from emotional topics. Emotions are good, but emotional topics tend to make the person write from an emotional point of view.

Coming up with an argumentative topic is hard, but hopefully these tips will help you find and come up with a topic that’s right for you. Remember, passion, dedication, and hard work will make the argumentative essay a success. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, but be ready to back up your claims with researched facts.

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