Fighting Poverty

To fulfill the basics of life in this materialistic world, money is as important as taking breath to live alive. But unfortunately, according to statistics, it is come to know that the group of poorest 40% of the world’s population consists of 5% of global income and on the other sider the richest group 20 consists of three-quarters of world income. UNICEF declared that 22,000 children (of age 5) per day die due to poverty. It is assumed that 1.3+ billion live in extreme poverty and below $1.25 per day. Moreover, 805 million people all over the world do not have enough food to eat in which the most highest country Haiti has 77% poverty rate under the population of 10, 123, 787 with GDP of $7.35bilion (66th lowest) and GDP per Capita of $726 (22nd lowest). The combination of lacking of money, basic necessities including food, water, education, healthcare and shelter defines poverty and it is happened when income securities, economic stability and predictability of absolute indicators lacked of meeting basic life needs.

Causes of Poverty

  • Lack of Income and Assets
  • Sense of Noiselessness and Powerlessness
  • Vulnerability
  • Human Assets
  • Social Assets
  • Natural Assets
  • Financial Assets
  • Physical Assets

Under the above causes of poverty, the poor community consistently emphasizes the centrality of work to improving their lives. In this regard the question arises that what framework for action is applied to effectively lessen the poverty in all its scopes. In this scenario National Economic Development is playing a central role to get success in poverty reduction but it is sadly to say that poverty is a resultant of more than economic processes e.g. economic, social, political processes as well as under the fast facts of United Nations Development Program (UNDP) show the necessary actions in term of economic growth which will not produce jobs and cut poverty unless it is broad and equitable, and till than the needs of the poor and marginalized becomes at the center of development priorities, also all gender (men and women) will have equal chance and freedoms in order to accelerates economic progress and bring down poverty more rapidly as well. It is on the record that how China reduced the poverty rate and now is count in the list of high economic market.


  • To come over the poverty rate to demolish, not only make efforts on government level but also individual aid is also necessary.
  • To win the fight against poverty, the population of specific country should raise the scope of compulsory education as well as technical education so that people having some sort of useful skill, can earn as much as possible.
  • The government should provide the basic facilities at least to them who do not have even shelters so that they can just feel free from this need and concentrate on earning in better way.

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