Student Development And The Learning Process

The way that a child starts to develop and learn starts as early as being a baby.  There are a many factors that go into how a student develops and learning in school and parents have more influence than they think on how their kids develop and learn.  Although, there are quite a bit of theories on a student’s development and the learning process but there three that can predict the readiness of kindergarteners, constructivist, maturational, and environmentalist.

Maturational theory shows a child’s readiness for school as being able to recite the alphabet and counting numbers.  These are important tasks because they allow the child to be ready to learn reading and math skills.  Development and school readiness is something that happens automatically and naturally.  Maturationists think that parents are responsible for teaching their children the alphabet and counting, which will prepare them for kindergarten.  If a child is not ready for school, maturationists might put their children in a transitional kindergarten, or even hold them back for a year.  Parents, schools, and teachers for children that underperform their peers use this.

Environmentalist theory has to do with a child environment and how it shapes how they learn and their behavior.  This has leads teachers, families, and schools to believe that a child’s surroundings can affect their development and knowledge.  Environmentalist believe that certain ages of children respond to different environments differently and schools and parents should provide the best environment for that age.  Younger child learn best by doing rote activities, like saying the alphabet, tracing and copying letters, anything that requires them to do it over and over again to learn it.  This can start at home with the parents, by using workbooks that have activities like letter and number tracing and coloring.  The gives the child more independence to prepare them for school, if you child has problems doing this then the school might label them with a learning disability.

Constructivist theory is how the development and learning are developed with interact with their environment.  Schools are now setting up learning centers that have age appropriate activities for the child to use.  This gives the kids the opportunity to interact with their environment while they learn.  All of these are easy things that you can do to get your child ready for school.  Most parents and teachers think that children are ready for school when they can say the alphabet, count, and are able to follow simple instructions that are give to them.  

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