Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson is retired neurosurgeon and author. He became incredibly famous after he conducted his first surgery to successfully separate twins who were joined at the head. He received the presidential medal of freedom for this efforts into thousand eight. He also delivered a speech at the national prayer breakfast in the year 2013 after which he became a popular conservative figure. As of now he is considering declaring his candidacy or the 2016 presidential election as a Republican candidate.

Dr. Ben Carson was born in Detroit to a Seventh-day Adventist minister. Both of his parents came from rule Georgia and he is over 80% African descent. His parents divorced when he was eight years old and he was subsequently raised by his mother. He wrote a book wherein he stated that he had a violent temper when he was a child and that he almost stabbed a friend over a fight they had in the ninth grade. It was after this incident that he started to read the Bible particularly the verses that apply to anger and how to never treat your problem with anger.

He went to Southwestern high school where he participated in Junior ROTC and quickly rose high in the ranks. He received a scholarship to West Point. After this he graduated from Yale University with a major in psychology. He received his medical degree from the University of Michigan medical school. During his career he worked as a professor for neurosurgery, plastic surgery, pediatrics, and oncology. He was the director for the pediatric neurosurgery department at Johns Hopkins Hospital. At the age of 33 he was the youngest director in the history of the hospital. Not only did he direct the pediatric neurosurgery department but he also co directed the craniofacial Center.

His specialties include brain injuries, epilepsy, brain and spinal cord tumors, neurological disorders and congenital disorders. His hand eye coordination and his three dimensional reasoning have made him an incredibly gifted surgeon. He began to study the case of conjoined twins who were joined at the back of their heads. He worked for 22 hours on this surgery with a medical team of 70 surgeons. In the end they were able to successfully separate the twins and both of the twins survived.

Overall this figure is incredibly popular for his work and his sixth best-selling books that he is published since. He is received multiple honors and awards and announced that he would retire as a surgeon so that he could quit when he was on top of his game.

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