Love, as used in different contexts may have related meanings. Love can be defined as profound tenderness towards a person or a feeling of deep attachment towards a person, sexual desire, or passion towards sex .It may also be used to mean an endearment or the person to whom the feeling of love is directed towards. In further describing the nature love, the use of its antonyms to determine what does not constitute love can also be used. According to Lewis, the ancient Greeks managed to get a break down of the different forms of expressing love as Eros, Philia, Storge and Agape.

According to Kim, Jungsik and Hatfield, Eros is the type of love that arouses passion or romantic feeling. It brings out the emotions and more often translates to sexual love. This type of love does not last long as sometimes it may be misunderstood with lust. Eros will only prosper when both parties are interested in the relationship, otherwise it will eventually fade away leading to heart breaks. Both parties in the relationship should be seen to reciprocate to what the other party is expressing.

Another type of love is Storge. The love concentrates on family and friendship. It is what parents feel for their children and vice versa. It is also the kind of love one feels for a member of the family, or the love that if experienced between friends. Storge love is often accepts weaknesses and flaws between the parties and always lead to forgiveness. This love entails sacrifice, commitment and makes one to feel safe comfortable and secured.

The other two kind of love is Agape. Agape love is the unconditional love that encourages us to see individuals beyond their outer surface and accepts them the way they are. Agape love is a chosen and committed one. It always strives to treat everyone as human with every right due to him/her. Close to Storge love, is Phileo. Phileo love makes one to desire to have friendship with another. According to Lewis, Phileo love refers to tender platonic love with warmth and affection. It is how someone may feel about someone and often it is committed and chosen love.

In conclusion, love is a complicated emotion, which is difficult to understand. The four types of love is one of the few classifications that scholars have tried to decipher love. Love involves emotions and deep feelings between individuals. Kemper noted that love is an element in our lives, which tries to promote harmony and peaceful living among humans thus making sure that the continuance of the species. Being loved or feeling loved may also have a great psychological effect to individuals and contribute to a sense of well being.

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