4th Grade Persuasive Essay Topics: 10 Fresh Ideas

One of the topics that you may have to write for school is called a persuasive essay. This type of essay is very popular in fourth grade because it is usually the first time that your teacher will start to teach you how to prove your point using evidence. Essays are very important and they are used throughout your education.

A persuasive essay is designed to persuade your audience to believe your side of an issue. You need to get your audience to take your side. You want to try and convince them that you are right. You can use a regular three paragraph essay format for this essay. This will include an introduction that explains your topic and gives some background information that may be needed to help explain the topic. You will write three body paragraphs. Each one will give a specific reason why you believe your statement and then use that paragraph to explain why. You will end with a conclusion that points out the main topic again in a different way.

When you are deciding on a topic to write about for this type of paper, you will have to choose a topic that has two sides. Some people will agree with it and some people won’t agree with it. These are great topics for this paper.

  1. Better school lunches
  2. Longer recess
  3. No homework
  4. More group projects
  5. Having ice cream for dinner
  6. Send your sister to Mars
  7. Parents shouldn’t have to work
  8. No chores
  9. Longer summer break
  10. Your friend over on a school night

You will choose one of the topics and work to prove it. Do you think that you should have better lunches in school? If so, then you will work to prove it by listing at least three reasons why you think that. You will create a statement near the end of your introduction. It has a fancy name which is a thesis but all you have to know is that it is a sentence or two that explains what your paper is about. So you would write something like “I think that we should have better school lunches because we are there so long and need the energy, our parents pay so much for the lunch, and the food they give us now is very boring.

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