Essay Writing Lessons: How to Make Your Paper Look Better

Organize your paper in an outline

Start by getting all the data organized in one place. Gather similar information in one place and create an outline for your paper

Use three major arguments

Develop three major arguments in your paper, which are precise and unique

Use evidence and supporting points

Research for supporting evidence to support your major arguments, each major argument should have around two to three supporting evidence

Write a precise conclusion

The conclusion should be precise and clear

Edit and Proofread

Most of the times, students confuse editing and proof reading as a single process. Even though both these processes fall under the post-writing phase, they are two separate techniques. Editing is critical while proof reading is merely double-checking everything in your paper.

If you have to edit a paper, you will need to

  1. Check the overall direction of your paper and see if your thesis statement addresses the rest of the essay
  2. See if your paper makes logical sense to the reader
  3. Check for any gaps in the writing or any message that is not clear or can be perceived something else by the reader
  4. Check the sentence structure, fragments, colloquialism etc.
  5. Check whether transition between sentences is smooth and it is easy to identify where one sentence ends and other begins.
  6. Check that the paragraphs are unique in their content and there is no repetition of ideas, phrases, or sentences in different paragraphs
  7. Validate and check the relevancy of the data you used
  8. Check whether you have used the right words to explain your paper
  9. Make sure there are no jargons, technical terms and abbreviations that the reader might not be familiar with
  10. It is very important to understand that a good paper does not mean it needs to have complex words, complicated sentence structure, and difficult terminologies. The best writing is simple. Replace complex word with simple words and make your paper as comprehensible as possible

Remember, that editing is the most important phase in your essay. It will help you refine your paper and make letter perfect

If you are to proof read a paper, you will need to

  • Double-check all the titles, figures, and statistical data in your essay
  • Check your paper for typos, spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Check for missed words or sentences

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