5 Places Where You Can Get A Free Summary/Response Essay Example

Having an example essay is one way to get started when you are writing. When you are able to read an essay, it not only helps you get the ideas flowing but it also puts you in the right state of mind. Finding solid examples is fairly easy. Here are some great places to look for essay examples.

  1. Writing guide
  2. There are several books that are designed to teach people how to write summary/response essays. You can find an example essay in these types of books as well. It is a good place to look because most of the samples include notes that show the length of the margin, font style and size, and other information. It is an advantage to have this information as well.

  3. Freelance site
  4. Independent writers work in the industry creating papers for individuals and organizations. There is a likelihood that they have written academic essays through the years. You can find examples from freelancers by posting an ad asking for help with your essay. This allows you to get your paper written by a professional writer. You can even choose one with a degree in your field by viewing their profile.

  5. Writing company
  6. Many people have made a business out of writing papers for others. It is a huge industry especially online. You can gain access to writers all over the world and since these writers are employed by an organization, you get a little extra security. They provide samples to promote their skills. Use a paper written by a professional.

  7. Writing lab
  8. Your school may have a writing lab that helps students with their writing needs. You can ask them if they have any copies that they may use to assist other students in writing this type of essay. They probably have some examples because of how useful having a sample can be.

  9. Online
  10. There are many essay examples online that you may be able to download and use. Be sure to check for credibility because everyone can contribute to the internet and not everyone is a writer.

    Find a few good copies and read through them. It will help you understand the task. Getting a sense of the formalness and tone of an essay will help direct you in where to go with your creativity.

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