A List Of Intriguing Problem Solving Essay Topics

A problem solving essay describes a particular problem in depth, and then proposes a solution. The paper argues why this problem is important, and why the method of solution provided is the most method. When assigned this type of essay you can read these samples below to get your ideas flowing!

  1. Immigration
  2. How can illegal immigration be combatted? Why are standards different for different countries? How can naturalization be different? Explore the possible issues with immigration in your country, and solutions that can be researched and shared.

  3. Domestic Violence
  4. What causes domestic violence? How can it be discouraged? Why do people remain in abusive situations? Research the science behind abusers and their victims. Provide ways domestic violence can be minimized and how situations can be handled.

  5. Mass Shootings
  6. Mass shootings are happening way too often. What do you believe to be the cause? Find research to support your argument. What can we do to decrease violent bouts of mass shootings in society?

  7. Climate Change
  8. Some people believe the climate change is no cause for concern, but the vast majority of societies realize the grave repercussions we have on our environment. What steps can be taken to go green and lessen our footprint on the Earth.

  9. Fracking
  10. Is frack a safe method of attaining oil? Why or why not? What does it do for our government, economy, and environment? Suggest solutions for the problems surrounding fracking.

  11. Illiteracy
  12. The level of illiteracy among adolescent children is extremely shocking. What is the cause for this predominate issue? How can we turn it around and get kids engaged and reading?

  13. Terrorism
  14. Terrorism wreaks havoc on people, and scares society. Why do acts of terror occur? How do we avoid getting to this breaking point? Are there ways foreign affairs can be handled without the byproduct of terrorism?

  15. Cost of College
  16. The cost of an education can be very high. Some people believe college should be accessible, and not made to be a privilege with an expensive price tag. What ways can we make higher education more affordable?

  17. Texting and Driving
  18. Texting and driving has been proven to be fatal time and time again. We see the headlines in the news, but it does not seem to be enough. This problem continues to arise—how can it be defeated?

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