Custom Written Examples Of Cause And Effect Essays: To Use Or Not To Use

Using custom-written examples for your cause-and-effect essays has both upsides and downsides. Here are main arguments for and against turning to writing services for samples.


  • Custom papers have better quality than pre-written ones.
  • Free cause-and-effect essays you can discover on the Web might have all sorts of grammar and spelling mistakes or lack proper citing. Meanwhile, custom papers are written by professionals. They provide strong reasoning and analysis of causal relationships.

  • Custom examples are tailored to your needs.
  • You might not be able to find a free sample on exactly the cause-and-effect link you need to cover. Neither you are likely to discover a ready sample following the specific requirements of your tutor (e. g. use one real-life case, one piece of statistics, and one logical argument to prove the existence of causal relationship). When you order a custom essay, you can have your writer implement any requirements you need to follow.

  • You can submit a custom example as your own work.
  • Essays produced by reputable writing services are 100% authentic. It means that if you tutor runs a plagiarism check on your paper, it will not match any text on the Web (except for sources cited and properly referenced). Meanwhile, the plagiarism check of a free sample you downloaded from the Internet would almost surely bring you problems.


  • Custom essays are rather costly.
  • Prices of reputable writing services begin at $10 per page. If you need your sample completed in a very short time (less than 24 hours), this cost might duplicate. Fees that are much lower can be the sign of a scammer.

  • You might get scammed.
  • When dealing with writing services, there is always a risk that you pay money and get no essay, or get a paper of poor quality. To reduce this risk, you need to research and compare writing websites. You could have used this time to get a number of decent free cause-and-effect papers and make most of them.

  • You lose an opportunity to train in academic writing.
  • Cause-and-effect papers are assigned to develop your writing and logical skills. By outsourcing this work, you miss a chance to practice what you will need to do often in the coming years. When longer and more complicated papers will be assigned to you, you might find it more difficult to do them than if you had written your cause-and-effect essays by yourself. You will have to use writing services again and again, spending much money.

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