The Main Do's And Don'ts Of Creating A Reflective Essay

A reflection essay is more of introspection and is called a reflective essay. In such a paper, you need to explore your personal experiences, opinions and feelings about a topic and the way it observes or progresses the changes in your attitude. You would have to stay objective and only write those opinions for which you have enough valid data to prove your stance. When writing such an assignment, you will have to think critically about your own experiences, good or bad deeds, events that influence your thoughts or life changing occasions. It is fun to write a reflective paper because you have to show your own learning and development owing to certain experiences in life

Students often ask this question that how they will create an effective paper or what are the best ways to decrease the chances of mistakes in their paper. They may struggle with writing a winning assignment because they have never done so before. This article shows the main do’s and don’ts of creating a reflective essay

  • Things you need to do
  • To make the writing process easier, here is a list of things you should do to write a strong reflective essay

  • Developing a thesis
  • A thesis is the main statement that represents the scope of your work to your readers. It is an extract of what you want to achieve with your work. You need to develop a clear and precise statement of one or two sentences for your paper

  • Creating arguable prongs
  • After you define the scope of work in the thesis statement, you need to break it down into parallel parts to create arguable prongs. This should be well composed and well thought out process that helps you create strong arguments for their paper

  • Writing a concise paper
  • Write a comprehensive yet to the point paper using the data you have and explain the experience you have in mind using the best adjectives and nouns

  • Being honest
  • Do not exaggerate the situation or experience to a level that it seems unreal or fake to the readers

  • Things should never do in a reflective paper
  • Now that you know the main features of a reflective essay, here are few things that you should never do while writing such an assignment

    1. Repeating yourself or the ideas
    2. Being subjective
    3. Contradicting your stance
    4. Adding fluff and irrelevant details

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